Isle of Wight Nostalgia - Undercliff - St. Lawrence to Buddle Inn

The undercliff runs along the Southeast of the Island from Ventnor to Blackgang and is formed as a result of landslips. The area is endowed with lush and varied vegetation. The climate is almost Mediterranean; don't take my word for it - go to the link to the botanic gardens and look at some of the plants growing outside the glasshouse.

Bird park

This bird park at St Lawrence, filmed in May 1983 is now closed. The nearby Glass studios are still there.


The Old Park Hotel nestling in the undercliff.

Wild flower

The area here is rich with wild flora and fauna.

view from Beach

The beach looking towards St. Catherines.


A view from the downs just south of, and above St Lawrence. The unusual building features in the old black & white photo and in my painting below.


This old black and white photo view looks east from St. Rhadegund's footpath, a few yards from the entrance of the railway tunnel. The railway (part of the Newport, Godshill & St Lawrence Railway or NGSLR) closed in 1952. It was said that the view on emerging from the tunnel was probably the best and most dramatic anywhere in Europe. I wouldn't disagree despite not having been born in 1952! Photo credit: S W Baker


This 16" x 12" oil painting , my first and only attempt at art, is of the same scene above. The footpath and track bed are now overgrown with semi-mature trees here.


Slightly to the right of the previous pictures.


This is the spectacular view from the chalk down land. I followed the footpath from the railway crossing in the picture above.


Higher still, this May 1995 view is timeless

Photo of Buddle Inn

Further towards Niton is the Buddle Inn. I have never been sure if the pub gives the place this name, or the pub was named after the location. Either way, the place is picturesque, and the pub cosy with good beer and food.

Excursion board to Buddle Inn

Buddle Inn has always been a popular location as this excursion board from half a century ago shows!

Photo of the Royal Sandrock Hotel Niton

The Royal Sandrock Hotel is a few hundred yards from the Buddle Inn public house by footpath - or it used to be. It burnt down in the eighties and is now a small housing development. Things seem to burn down a lot on the island... Anyway, to continue, this hotel started life as Rock Cottage before being converted to a hotel in 1818. It was used by Marconi while making his historical trans-Atlantic wireless experiments. The hotel owners were clearly not expecting disaster as there is a painter re-painting the hotel name on the roof!

Photo from Royal Sandrock Hotel

The conservatory and garden of the Royal Sandrock had the most magnificent views over the Atlantic (as you can see from this photo).

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