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Here are a series of puzzles to test your knowledge about the Island. All the answers can be found on the site so this can also make a great detective game! This page should have opened as a new window to make it easier to access the rest of the site. Move the cursor over the '?' to reveal the answer to each puzzle. Have fun!


General Knowledge Quiz

Which is the correct spelling?
  1. Woton
  2. Wooton
  3. Wotton
  4. Wootton
d. Wootton
i) Who presented Osborne House to the Nation?

ii) When?
  1. 1890
  2. 1900
  3. 1902
  4. 1905
i) King Edward VII, ii) c. 1902
i) Who used the Island as a base for early wireless experiments?

ii) Where were the experiments conducted from?
  1. Alum Bay
  2. Freshwater
  3. Blackgang
  4. St Catherine's Down
i) Guglielmo Marconi, ii) a. Alum Bay
i) Which monarch was held captive at Carisbrooke?

ii) How many times did he attempt to escape?
  1. Once
  2. Twice
  3. Three times
  4. Five times
i) King Charles 1, ii) b. Twice
i) Which hamlet was once a 'Rotten Borough', having two Members of Parliament?

ii) In which year was the Reform Act which stripped it of its right?
  1. 1793
  2. 1823
  3. 1832
  4. 1929
i) Newtown, ii) c. 1832
Why, according to road signs in Cowes and Fishbourne intended for drivers who had just arrived on the ferry, were drivers asked to drive carefully?
  1. To reduce accidents
  2. Because residents were allowed to drive on the left or right hand side of the road
  3. Because the entire Island has a 30 mile per hour speed limit
  4. Because the Island's roads are different
d. The Island's roads are different
i) According to study made in 1998, how much is it estimated to cost to construct a tunnel from the Island to the mainland (in UK )?
  1. 2,000,000
  2. 230,000,000
  3. 600,000,000
  4. 2,323,000,000
ii) How many different routes were suggested by the study?
  1. eight
  2. six
  3. four
  4. two
i) b. 230 million, ii) a. eight routes
i)Which is the correct spelling?
  1. Appledercomb House
  2. Appeldurcombe House
  3. Apuldurcombe House
  4. Appuldurcombe House
ii) What finally destroyed the roof of the already ruined building?

iii) When?
  1. 1899
  2. 1917
  3. 1943
  4. 1956
i) d. Appuldurcombe House, ii) a mine, iii) c. 1943
©2000 Dave Parker, Isle of Wight Nostalgia Website

LinkWord 1, in place of the crossword

This was to be a crossword, but I found it surprisingly difficult to make one. So here is my new invention a 'LinkWord'! The clues generate words across the page. The green column forms an Island place name if the clues are solved correctly. In addition, the letters on the blue squares and orange squares, when ordered correctly, form two other Island related words. There are more LinkWord puzzles on other puzzle pages.

Glanville Fritillary
A chine
Once a railway station
An honour bestowed on a famous inventor
He stayed at the Royal Sandrock Hotel
Once a public school, once a monastery
Once a station with two N's in its name
The land slides on this
King held here
Invented here
Island-born ex-sports presenter
Owner of the Battery
Keats stayed here
©2000 Dave Parker, Isle of Wight Nostalgia Website

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