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LinkWord number three

Romans lived here
Exit point
Home of four Bronze Age Round Barrows
Swinburne's family moved here
Reformed in 1832
Famous visitor
A 'model' village
River delta
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Picture puzzle

Can you identify these images?

Where is this?Bonchurch viewed from Ventnor
Where is this?Steephill Cove
Where was this?Ventnor pier
Where is this?Buddle Inn
Where was this?Shanklin railway station - bridge over Languard Road, now dismantled.
Where was this?Amusement arcade outside Ventnor pier
Where is this?Barton Manor cork sculpture
Where is/was this?Cliff-edge houses viewed from Blackgang
Where is this?Ventnor
Where is this?Alum Bay
Where is this?Tennyson Down
Where is this?Shanklin Old Village
©2000 Dave Parker, Isle of Wight Nostalgia Website

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