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Dave Parker, author of this site

My name is Dave Parker. I'm responsible for building several websites - you've probably linked here from one of them. I started my first site in 1998 after getting my first internet ISP just because it was something I was keen to find out how to do. It has turned into an addictive hobby! I now maintain a number of sites, one of which averages over 100 visitors a day and generates a great deal of interest & comment. I'm often asked how I find the time. The answer is that they have developed gradually and I still find lots of time to spend with my family and on my other interests. So what are my other interests? Well....... logo
I have always been interested in photography and have often been told I have a good eye for a decent picture. While I love gadgets, I have always liked complicated cameras in 'manual' mode, rather than automatic versions. I have had an old Pentax KX which I used for many years. I have now become a digital camera addict! Building internet sites has given me the chance to share some of my photography with a wider audience. I hope you enjoy it.
I cycle, mainly off road along a local disused railway track. I rode in the charity London to Brighton event in 1996 and 1997. My handbuilt remote controlled glider
I enjoy touring with my caravan in the UK. Being a gadget fanatic, my van is wired up with numerous 12 volt accessories guaranteed to flatten my battery within a few hours!
Model building and flying
I'm not normally good at building things however I have built a remote controlled glider and several rockets. I don't get much time to fly the glider (it takes a lot of practice); and I enjoy launching my collection of rockets. They fly using solid fuel motors and are usually recoverable. It may sound dangerous but it's not if care is taken. I belong to a flying association which has stringent safety rules as well as extensive 3rd party insurance.
RadioDave Parker, author of this site, driving the 1909 Tilling Stevens bus
I'm interested in all aspects of radio. I have learned Morse code, received and decoded packet radio using my old spectrum computer, and I enjoy scanning the airways!
I enjoy Scrabble, chess and snooker.
Bus driving / museum volunteer
I drive a genuine 1909 vintage bus in my capacity as a volunteer at Amberley Museum. If you are ever in West Sussex make sure you visit this museum, the County's best kept secret!
I enjoy a wide range of musical styles from rock to classical. I also play a keyboard (but perhaps this should not be categorised under music)!
Together with a few friends, I am involved in local firework displays. I have some behind-the-scenes photographs of the 1999 to 2002 firework display setup for a local school display as part of my Henfield website. 
Gardening My garden
I enjoy my garden. I would probably enjoy gardening as well if I had the time. Perhaps if BBC TV's Charlie Dimmock would come around to help....
I'm interested in many aspects of the weather.  I am a fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society. I especially enjoy classifying (unusual) cloud types and predicting the weather from them. See some of my cloud photography.
I've been interested in computing for many years. I built a Sinclair ZX81 in nineteen-seventy something and never looked back. I've spent many happy year's programming in APL a very efficient and interesting language. Check out the link!
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