Isle of Wight Nostalgia - Undercliff - southwest of Ventnor

The undercliff runs along the Southeast of the Island from Bonchurch to Blackgang and is formed as a result of landslips. The area is endowed with lush and varied vegetation. The climate is almost Mediterranean; don't take my word for it - go to the link to the botanic gardens and look at some of the plants growing outside the glasshouse.


These views of the cliffs to the West of Ventnor were taken on a misty morning. Just out of view is the 'Flowersbrook' cliff top cafe and putting green - although there's not much putting possible at the moment - the area is a mess as contractors have moved in working on the Island wide water treatment project.

South of Ventnor

Cliff walks outside Ventnor - the pier is still in this picture taken in June 1990.

Photo of cliffs crumbling

But further along some of the cliff has gone.

More recent photo

A more recent view (January 2001) with the new bandstand in the background where the pier was..

Photo of cliffs crumbling

More erosion.

Photo of cliffs crumbling

Another path has recently been repaired.

South from Ventnor

The detour offers some fine views though.

Photo of Steephill Cove

This delightful cove is a brisk walk along the coastal path from Ventnor. But a walk that's worth making. In addition to the scenic beauty of the cove, the cafe make fantastic locally caught crab sandwiches!

Photo of Steephill Cove

Another view of Steephill Cove - this time looking East along the beach.

Photo of Steephill Cove

Photo of Steephill Cove

Near botanic gardens

This is the view of the cliff close to the Botanic Garden, taken from the upper road (to Whitwell) in 1990.

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