Isle of Wight Nostalgia - In and around Ventnor

Photo of zigzag

Ventnor is built into the cliffs - hence steep or winding roads.

Photo of Wheelers Bay Road

View from Wheelers Bay Road on a sunny but windy day.

photo of childrens pool

A view of the childrens pool with a scale island model

Photo of pool being built

The pool needed to be re-built when the road linking the new car park was built. It's less safe now for children to play here.

Photo of pool being built

The pool during reconstruction in June 1995

Photo of car park

The new road to the esplanade car park.

Photo of esplanade

The esplanade car park under construction - viewed from the Eastern cliff

Photo of Ventnor at night

Ventnor at night.

Photo of the pier at night

View from Ventnor pier at night.

Photo of Mill Bay

This site is now the garden to the 'Mill Bay' public house. This picture was taken in July 1990.

Photo of Spyglass Inn

Spyglass Inn pub, Ventnor.


Further southwest from the Spyglass, some of these footpaths have been rebuilt due to erosion

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