Isle of Wight Nostalgia - Towns & Villages - page 2

Photo of Mottistone

The urge by road builders to straighten roads has been resisted on the Island. In fact until recently there were signs on the roads from the ferry terminals advising motorists that 'The Island's Roads are Different... take care'. This example is near Mottistone Manor.


Mottistone manor. This is behind the post-box featured on this site

Photo of Shanklin Pier

Shanklin Pier shortly before its final demise.

Photo of Brighstone

My first time on the Island with a camera - 1969. My grandparents and brother are in the picture outside a tea room in Brighstone - I had beans on toast!.

Photo of Brighstone

Brighstone 20 years later in 1989.

Photo of Bonchurch

Bonchurch pond.

Photo of Bonchurch

Delightful Bonchurch again..

Photo of Ventnor

Ventnor Pier Street / High street..

Photo of Ryde

Part of Ryde Esplanade.


A final view of Gurnard Bay & Thorness Bay west of Cowes

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