Isle of Wight Nostalgia - Isle of Wight railway network: 1948

There was once a network of railway lines on the Island. The map below shows the main sections and branches. Trains often ran between sections: There was a very popular semi-fast named train 'The Tourist', which ran from Ventnor (Town) to Sandown, via Merstone to Newport. It then reversed and continued to Freshwater.

The existing electric line has two additional stops at Lake (between Shanklin & Sandown) and Smallbrook (between Brading & St John's Road). There was originally a station at Lake (not on the site of the present station) but was closed well before 1948. Newport was effectively two separate stations with a pedestrian walkway.

I have adopted the style of Henry Beck and produced a unique diagrammatic version of the Island's railway system (Henry Beck invented the concept of railway maps in this style in 1933 and changed for ever peoples perception of the geography of London)! It is perhaps not so out of place as ex. London Underground tube trains still run on the island.

Rail map

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