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All the photographs on this page have been supplied by Ted Dawkins. Ted lives in Ontario, Canada and is happy to respond to emails: Email Ted here.. Thanks Ted for sharing these!

Butchers, 92 high St., Newport

This picture is of my great grandfather W. J. Denton, bearded man on left, in front of his pork butcher shop at 92 High St. Newport, taken in the 1880s. When I visited the IOW in 1991 I went to this location. Its located right beside 'The Castle Inn', in 1991 it was a green grocery and I think a music store beside that. I don't have to tell you what a thrill it was for me to walk into that building.

The Denton family lived above. My grandmother, Teresa May Denton, said that if all of her brothers and sisters had have lived, there would have been about 22 of them. (Ouch). She also said they had a maid, and father got caught fooling around with. If nothing else, my great grandpa 'Jim' had a lot of energy. Is it any wonder he only lived to be 52 years old?

Staff at Osborne House

This is an old postcard, I've found out a lot of people had their photos done this way back then. This is of some of the staff at Osborne House in 1912. The short fellow on the left with the moustache and watch fob is my grandfather, Albin Clay Dawkins. At the time of this photo, 'Alby', as he was known here in his later years, by friends and family, was living at 19 Melbourne St. Newport. On the back of the card (below) you can see that it was sent to my grandmother, Teresa May Denton, when they were courting. He called her Tris or Trissy.

Old postcard

The postcard referred to above

Denton family photo

This is my great grandparents and three of their children, they are: W. J. Denton and wife Emily Charlotte (nee Bright) - The children, left to right are, my grandmother Teresa May, Ruby Octavia (married name Hollis) and baby Daisy Constance Denton. Teresa was born in 1884, in this picture she looks to be about 2 years old. Not too many people take their kids for a walk these days in a goat cart do they?

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