Isle of Wight Nostalgia - Southern Vectis Buses - 2

Bristol RE, TDK 563 K

Bristol RE TDL 563 K en route from Carisbrooke as part of the IW Bus museum running day 2002.

Zig Zag road

Route 6 in Ventnor - the bus is about to descend Zig Zag Road.

Bus in Bonchurch

Route 31A in Bonchurch in May 2001

Bus in Bonchurch

This Iveco was seen in Bonchurch en route for Ventnor.


This bus on route 6 again, this time arriving from Ventnor & ; Blackgang on a (rare) wet day, is about to turn into Newport bus station.

Newport bus station

Looks like most of the fleet are awaiting departure from Newport!

bus at needles

A bus awaits at the Needles to make the hair-raising trip down the cliff-edge to Alum Bay and Yarmouth - not for the faint-hearted!

bus at Yarmouth

Buses at Yarmouth on a dull day.

bus at Alum Bay

Garish advertising on this 1991 view at Alum Bay.

bus at needles2

The needles (with the base of the lighthouse) are in the background.

bus on cliff

This bus climbs the cliff-edge track to the Fort.

bus at Yarmouth

This bus at Yarmouth was pictured in 1994.

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