Isle of Wight Nostalgia - Ventnor From the Air

Gas works Eastern cliffs Albert Street, Dudley Road Victoria Street, High Street Wheelers Bay Road allotments West Bonchurch

You can click on parts of the photo above to see a more detailed view.

Anyone who knows Ventnor today will be interested in the many differences (and some surprising similarities) with the Ventnor at the time this photo was taken. Of special interest is the gas works in the foreground, now the site of Ventnor Holiday Villas (and once home to Sir Winston Churchill while recovering from illness). Despite the prominent position in this photograph, those familiar with the area will know that as the area is no steep, the gas works would have been largely hidden from view. In certain conditions coal could be landed by barge. Note the allotments on what is now the Wheelers Bay public car park and the tennis courts on the Dudley Road car park. The promenade today extends from Ventnor to Bonchurch where a sea wall has been built. It would have been far more difficult to make the trip when this photograph was taken. I do not have a date for the photo - does anyone have any suggestions?

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