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I have been asked to publicise this story. I have not verified the full story at this stage but it all seems worthwile - our heritage is at stake. The information below is extracted directly from an email received.

"I have received information which suggests that the former BHC factory at Cowes will be demolished once the site is vacated and replaced with housing and a marina. While it is understandable on the grounds that Cowes is the centre of the yachting world, there is also the factor of the historical importance of the site to consider. It seems that at present the famous hanger is, surprisingly, not listed. This is where you come in! If you believe this site should be preserved intact, then the first thing to do will be to try to get it spot listed pending a further investigation. Spot listing will at least buy a bit of time. You will need to contact the below:
Listing Branch [ Archeaological and World Heritage ]
Department of Culture, Media and Sport
2/4 Cockspur Street
020 7211 6908
020 7211 6911

The more people who get in touch, the more likely it is that something will be done. The department will require pictures of the site and maps showing where it is. These can be sent to the e-mail address above in JPEG format. It will also be essential to explain clearly why you believe the place should be saved. The criteria are generally either architectural merit or historical significance to the Nation or the World. The Columbine works clearly falls into the historical significance category. So tell the Department this, and why. As for the architectural merit, this will be more difficult to justify. So if you know of any unique design features of the hanger, say so. Please do not assume someone else will mention this. It is quite possible that you may be the only person who is aware of a particular feature. For example, is it the largest example of such a roof shape? Is the curvature of the roof unique? Do the doors have any special features because of being located on the coast? Details like that - have a think, do some research, see what you can come up with. If you have media contacts, use them. The higher the profile, the greater the chance of something being done. We have probably one chance to save this place, so lets get cracking shall we? And please - do share any progress reports / discoveries / responses etc. with the group."

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