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Probably the subject that generates more emails from readers of this site - and the subject I'm least often able to help with - is genealogy, or tracing your ancestors. The only help I can offer is that many visitors to this site have sent me comments and stories, some of which I have published here. So buried in the many pages of this site are names from the Island, past & present. All these names have been indexed - so type in the surname below and see what comes up. Check your spelling - if you're not sure use some alternatives. Enter only one name at a time - either the surname or christian name but not both together.

If you cannot find the person or name in the index it's very unlikely I'll be able to help. If anyone knows of a site specialising in genealogy and the Island please let me know and I'll add a link here.

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Other genealogy sites

Genealogy mailing list

There is an IW genealogy mailing list that people can subscribe to and post messages to, I understand you have to subscribe before you can post messages, to do that send an e-mail to leaving the subject line blank and putting the single word SUBSCRIBE in the message. I have been advised there are some very knowledgeable and helpful people on the List from all over the world and the List has several Isle of Wight based members of the Family History Society monitoring it who may be able to do limited lookups in the local record office.

Please note, this service has no connection with this website.

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