Garnish Island, near Glengarriff, Ireland

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Garnish Island is a small island in Bantry Bay a few hundred yards from Glengarriff Harbour. It was originally used by the British War Office as a defence against a Napoleonic invasion; a 'Martello Tower', thought to be the first ever built, is located at the highest point of the island. It was purchased in 1910 by Annan Bryce, who in partnership with Harold Peto, designed and built the garden we see today. It is the home to many fine plants, shrubs and trees, many sub-tropical as the island is warmed by the Gulf Stream; it has a warm, wet and humid climate. It was left to the Irish people in 1953 and is now maintained by Dúchas, the Heritage Service.

There is another 'Garnish Island' nearby in Kerry. Ordnance Survey maps refer to the island as 'Garnish Island' but to avoid confusion, the island is often referred to by its original name Ilnacullin.

The Island is reached by boat. There are routes from several inlets around Glengarriff. The boats are privately owned and the charge does not cover entry to the garden. The gardens are open from March to October. Sit back and enjoy a virtual tour to and around these lovely gardens. To gain access click the index links to the garden areas or click the desired locations from the map. Please note this is a private website and is not formally connected with the Garden.


The Casita - a view across the Lawn

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Please note, this site is private and not connected with the Garden.
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