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Description.zxs (image).z80 (image).tzx (tape)
Use this format for the PC emulator from this websiteAn alternative image file format compatible with some Android and PC emulatorsA 'tape' file format compatible with some Android and PC emulators; this replicates the loading from a compact casettee or Sinclair tape drive.
Version 3.2.1
This was the original version released for a PC Spectrum emulator (.zxs format) in 2004. It is thought to be bug free. In this version, the overnight storage of the various size of bus is not ideal for an efficient day's operation so early journeys are required to get the buses to a more suitable location prior to the rush hour. The simulation takes place on a Friday in either summer, spring or winter depending on the option selected.
Vectis3.zxs (zip)

It is suggested new users requiring a PC version start here
Vectis3.z80 (zip)

Also available from the World of Spectrum website where other Spectrum games can also be found.
Version 4.0
Released in February 2015, this version appears to run well but I cannot guarantee it is totally free from bugs. The version is based on version 3, but changed to make the overnight storage of buses more suitable for the day's operations. This version is slightly easier but experienced users may prefer the greater challenge of version 3. It also has slightly changed passenger intensity at certain bus stops and passenger traffic tails off slightly earlier than version 3.
Vectis4.zxs (zip)Vectis4.z80 (zip)not currently available
Version 5.0
Released in February 2015, this is the Bank Holiday special edition. It simulates three busy UK public holidays (Easter, Whitsun and Augsut as they were known in the 1970s/80s then the sumulation was based). Being a holiday, traffic builds more slowly during the morning but the day and evening are very busy (exceptionally so for the Augsut Bank holiday). Route 4 has been extended from Niton to Blackgang to deal with the additional traffic. It will be a challenge to avoid losing passengers when buses are full.
Vectis5.zxs (zip)Vectis5.z80 (zip)not currently available

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