Sissinghurst - The Orchard - 1

Presented by Dave Parker

orchard in Spring

The Tower seen from near the Moat. There was a medieal well to the left in the foreground of this picture. It was filled in, in 1936.

orchard in June

Two months later and the view is very different in June

orchard in August

... and again in August. It's difficult to get a cut like this at home however help with choosing a mower is available here.


The Tower backlit against the late afternoon June sunshine

orchard in Spring

orchard in Spring

This corner of the Orchard is just behind the South Cottage

orchard in Spring

The Gazebo can be seen in the background.

orchard in Spring

The Priest's House is in the background of this picture.

sunshine in the orchard

The Orchard in spring. Note the 'bell' towers of the Oast House in the background. Oast houses were used for drying hops - this part of Kent is still a strong hop growing area although far less so than in the past. And the technology for drying hops has made their use redundant.

The Orchard by the Moat

The Gazebo, a relatively new addition to the garden, built in 1969.

The Orchard

The Orchard from the White Garden

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