Blackgang Minature Garden Railway - rolling stock - Class 485/486

Ex Standard Stock class 485 486 at Ryde Esplanade in 1979

These ex London Transport tube trains from the 1920s (known then as "Standard Stock") were refurbished for the Isle of Wight in 1967 when the line from Ryde Pier Head to Shanklin was electrified. They became class 485 (4 units initially known as "4VEC") and class 486 (3 units initially known as "3TIS"). Most trains were formed of a class 485 and 486 (making 7 coaches) and known in this formation as "4VEC 3TIS", "Vectis" being Roman for the Isle of Wight. It was my original intention that a scale model of these would be the primary rolling stock on my line. Getting detailed plans proved more difficult than anticipated. However there's been progress and with any luck the line will have a class 485/6 (hopefully to be built by Ride on Railways) by the summer of 2018.

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