Spectrum Emulator help page.

I'm not able to offer that much help with the emulator. It should download as a .ZIP file. Your computer probably has an 'unzip' capability (automatic with modern operating systems). The emulator needs to be installed by clicking the relevent unzipped file. I suggest you request an icon to be sent to your desktop.

If you're using XP, 'right click' the desktop icon, select {properties} then the {compatibility} tab. I suggest you select 'run in compatibility for Windows 95' and '256 colours'.

The emulator has a number of options. For my setup I only had to activate the 'sound' option and set the Sinclair model to 48K (select {options} {hardware} and set to 48K). You can try changing settings if it is not working correctly, but you'll have to experiment. There is an extensive 'help' section.

I am unable to offer individual support for this emulator - sorry