Sissinghurst - The Moat - 1

Presented by Dave Parker

view of Moat in Spring

The Moat in Spring. There was originally a bridge towards the foreground of this picture. It was removed in 1934. The Gazebo is a relatively new addition, built in 1969.

view of moat

Hidden behind the tree foliage to the center-left of this photograph is a statue of Dionysis.

view of moat

The southern end of the Moat with the hedge of the Herb Garden and a corner of the Azalea Bank in the background.

view of moat in Spring
view of moat

View of the Orchard and Tower from the far side of the Moat.

view of moat

A view of the corner of the Moat towards the Herb Garden.

view of moat

June 2001

view of moat

A year earlier than the previous photo, this shows the area after the hay is cut in late July (2000)

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