Isle Of Wight Party

Founded January 2001

Boniega, Hunts Road, St Lawrence, Ventnor, Isle of Wight PO38 1XT

Telephone: 01983 855642 Email: philmurray.pac@talk21.com www.iow.england.co.uk/iwp

---- the missing link ----



The Isle Of Wight Political Party, has been founded specifically to represent Isle Of Wight residents at a local, national and international level, aware of special Island needs, and in harmony with The United Kingdom and The European Economic Community.

We are representing, in the forthcoming 2001 General Election, those Islanders who feel that their successful future will be aided immensely, by the creation of a fixed link to the mainland. Not a new idea, we agree, but certainly an idea whose time has come! With this idea as the basic building block of a political presence at Westminster, not swayed by any party whip, we feel that a very prosperous and ecologically friendly future, will dawn sooner, rather than later, for Island residents.

A fixed link need have no negative consequences either. Those residents who feel that our roads cannot cope with any extra traffic, or any increase in visitors, must also realise that their personal economies are intrinsically a part of this very capability … the Island capacity to successfully entertain visitors. Currently, we all depend on tourism either directly or indirectly. It is the mainstay of the Isle Of Wight’s economy. In time we can spread our Island economy across a broader spectrum of interests.

We Pledge …

1 To work swiftly and tirelessly, both inspirationally, and through the bureaucratic processes of Westminster and Brussels, for the purpose of building a fixed link between the Isle Of Wight and a suitable mainland point.

2 To avail ourselves of all available UK and EEC grants for building a fixed link.

3 To explore methods by which use of the fixed link will be free for Island residents.

4 To explore the potential for creating a mainland passenger exchange, where coaches disembark their passengers onto small electric Island coaches more suitable for our roads and the environment.

5 To improve vehicular access, through road improvement and new road building schemes.

6 To improve the existing infrastructure, through the completion of an Island wide Metro System, utilising the existing rail lines as a basis, with a Metro link through a tunnel to the mainland passenger exchange.

7 In harmony with the government strategy for the creation of new housing in the South East Region, of which the Island is a part, request a Feasibility Study for the creation of a brand new University City in the middle of the Island, based around Newport, to become the centre of communications, and the transport hub. This is with the intention of being able to control our own destiny as an Island, rather than have a government initiative thrust upon us without adequate debate with residents. This will also remove the strain from our picturesque towns and villages, that their gradual and often under acknowledged expansion causes.

8 To acknowledge comprehensively, the natural qualities which make the Island desirable in the first place, as part of each decision making process.

9 To work co-operatively with all residents who feel threatened by a fixed link, listening to, and understanding such fears, and where relevant, incorporating compromises into our manifesto, for the good of all concerned.

10 To remain independent of all other political parties, whilst retaining the spirit of co-operation, and form no vested interest alliances which could compromise our fixed link strategy.

11 To explore the return to an educational system based on Grammar, Technical and Secondary Modern Schools, where pupils take an 11 plus examination to determine their educational route. There will be a chance for mobility between schools via a 13 plus examination. The spirit of equality of opportunity will prevail with this policy.

12 To explore the potential for exclusion of pupils whose behaviour has proved disruptive beyond repair, from the regular school system, and into a school more suited to their requirements.

13 To upgrade The Isle Of Wight College, to the quality of a Specialist University of Excellence.

14 To upgrade an existing Newport Church to Cathedral status.

15 To explore the potential for having at least one Channel Crossing Route sailing via the Island, to and from the mainland.

16 To encourage St Mary’s Hospital in Newport, towards specialising in one aspect of medicine, in addition to its present roles.

17 To encourage the creation of many hospitable small harbours around the Island for the purpose of enticing the sailing community to parts of the Island currently unable to protect craft.

18 To encourage specialist Island brands, that we may become known as excellent in certain fields. The Isle Of Wight Festival is a brand known world-wide, yet we no longer host it. Island vegetables, milk, garlic, eggs, are all examples of products which, if we specialise in specific aspects of production, like organic and free range, for example, we can attract customers not currently ours.

19 To encourage year round tourism.

20 To encourage development of The Undercliff, between Bonchurch and Blackgang, (the warmest part of Britain during the coldest season), as THE British winter destination.

21 To explore specialising in an area of boat building, so that we may once again become known as creators of excellent products in the vessel marketplace.

22 To explore the upgrading of our many attractions to a higher standard, which more people have grown to expect through easier international travel.

23 To explore the upgrading, and further potential of the airstrips at Bembridge and Sandown, including the possibility of adopting some scheduled services.

24 To adopt an open accounting system in everything we do, so that there can be no misunderstandings. All donations to the party will be made public, as will all other aspects of our party machinery. We only exist for the purpose of helping Isle Of Wight residents.

25 Honesty and integrity in all we do and say.



Nothing stays the same … it either gets better, or it gets worse

The IWP work to make life better for all of us living here on the Isle Of Wight

the most beautiful part of the United Kingdom.