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"What!" I hear some of you say. A Scientific horoscope? Surely that's on oxymoron; two opposing words like 'found missing', 'larger half', 'almost exactly' or any number of words that really don't seem to logically connect. Well here's your chance to be convinced. Does astrology answer questions that science can't? Can the Zodiac predict the future? This site takes the star signs of some spectacular scientists, a philosopher plus a mystic and considers their superstitions (or otherwise) and their attempts at explaining some strange and sometimes spooky occurances. Do their expectations stand up against those from a horoscope? Prepare to be amazed and maybe discover new insights into this amazing world. Click on the zodiac wheel to find out what the future holds from them (and you) ...

After reading each of the horoscopes, you should be in a position to answer the question below. Only after you've read the horoscopes though! Promise!

Test question: Can the positions of the stars on the day you are born (as seen from the earth) affect your future?
try reading some of the horoscopes again ... You've obviously read the horoscopes well. That's the correct answer. Horoscopes may be fun but there is no evidence that they work.

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