The development of Lisbon's tram track network from 1959 to 2018

by Dave Parker

Following a trip to Lisbon, I was facinated by the city's tram network, especially the news that the network is starting to increase in size after years of contraction. I managed to find some maps of the network on Wikipedia / Wikimedia showing the network of trackwork and the tracks that are used by tram routes for 1959 and 2011. As the images were on an identical scale, I had the idea of creating an animated version - furthermore I updated the 2011 version with the partially re-instated route 24E in April 2018 (it had not been possible to completely restore the route as additional work was required on part of the track). The image below will slowly loop between the three dates 1959, 2011 and 2018. For 2018, I have added route E24 in blue.

Lisbon tram network map re-worked from an original on Wiki by user 'Don-kun'

This animation uses original artwork avaiable from Wikipedia created by user Dom-kun who retains the intellectual property rights (full details below). I have edited the original documents with the date and on the 2018 frame, the ledgend and route for 24E for which I take full responsibility for any errors.

I have loaded a number of videos (in HD) to YouTube. Click below to open a video; they open in a new page. Close the page after viewing to return here.

Part 1 of a drivers' view trip on a route 28E tram. Route 28E is the most popular with tourists.

Part 2 of a trip on a route 28E tram. Continue the journey towards the Alfama district.

Part 3 of a trip on a route 28E tram. This section of the route is winding and narrow through Alfama.

Part 4 of a trip on a route 28E tram. The route continues to Praça Luís De Camões near Chiado passing and following many other trams.

Lisbon tram drivers' view of the 'new' route 24 - this video shows the full route to Camões.

Take a drivers' view ride on Lisbon's "Gloria" funicular tram. View the "street art" although lots is plain graffiti.

Lisbon's Ascensor da Glória funicular railway at night. A view from the bottom as the tram approaches.

My YouTube page where you can access all my videos.

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Map credits: Wikipedia user Don-kun created and owns all rights to the original maps.

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